After over 70 years in the cleaning industry we know our fabrics and textiles. As time goes by the nature of curtains, carpets and upholstery changes constantly. New fabrics and textiles, new methods of manufacture, dyeing, sewing and fitting, new equipment, new chemicals and new treatment methods mean that it's critical that we keep ourselves fully up to date with everything.

Many cleaning companies are fly by night' operations, offering low charges for cleaning an entire house. Often these companies recruit staff off the street and then bring them to your home, amongst your precious possessions. Generally too many staff is used and they crowd your house and there is no control. Carpets are left wet and take days to dry and the stains that were not treated properly are back. One of the worst results is that your curtains have shrunk!

We treat every stain on your carpets correctly, making sure that all grease and other spills that attract dirt are removed, before we start the overall clean.
Rugs and exotic carpets are cleaned at the factory, supervised by Peter, who has over 30 years' experience. If any of your upholstery is badly stained we can take it to the factory where it is carefully cleaned under the watchful eye of Richard, our resident whizz.

Curtains are dry solvent cleaned in white spirits or washed, dependent on their requirements, ensuring shrinkage is kept to a minimum.
Fabric Houses, Carpet Manufacturers and
Interior Designers recommend Immaculate Cleaning
Immaculate Cleaning acts as a consultant to the textile industry in matters of cleaning, in particular to the fabric wholesalers including Home Fabrics, St Ledger and Viney, Chelsea Harbour, Hertex and Mavromax. The Carpet Manufacturing Industry, Belgotex and Nouwens also recommend Immaculate for cleaning where their products have been used.

Many other cleaning companies use our factory to have their curtains and rugs cleaned, testimony to our pedigree.

When Immaculate Cleaning cleans your house, office or embassy you can be sure that everything is done thoroughly, for a lasting Immaculate' effect.

And all cleaning comes with our GUARANTEE of a re-clean and a visit from our MD if your marks reappear within 2 weeks.


Our well-trained staff is able to efficiently clean with the minimum of disruption, using a tried and tested method. Any loose rugs and curtains are removed for cleaning at the factory and the area to be cleaned is cleared. Any spots and stains are treated correctly to ensure a lasting result and the carpet or upholstery is then cleaned thoroughly, using a process specific to the carpet's fibre.

Any protection treatments that are required are applied once upholstery and carpets are completely dry.

Before our team leaves the premises everything is double checked to ensure our customer's satisfaction.

Our seven-step process:
1. We pre-inspect to determine the fibre and analyse spots and stains so the correct combination of chemicals are used
2. We pre-treat each stain and mark to ensure the best result
3. We hand clean edges of carpets where machines can't reach
4. We spray on fibre specific detergent
5. We loosen the dirt with a rotary scrubbing machine
6. We extract the dirt and detergent
7. We rinse with a ph. corrective to ensure there is no sticky residue left to attract dirt and to enhance your carpets natural look and colour.